The Division Public Test Server and 1.4 Update’s Special Report Delayed

All Divison agents will be experiencing some delays.

The Division Public Test Server that was scheduled for launch Thursday Sept. 15 along with the Special Report regarding the 1.4 update scheduled for tomorrow Sept. 13 has been delayed. A Division forum post by Community Developer, Hamish Bode states that the Special Report over the new 1.4 update will be delayed due their inability to showcase everything they wanted in their complete stages in time for the livestream. Instead of the full Special Report, the weekly State of the Game will showcase just some of the new features in the 1.4 update.

Bode also mentions that the Public Test Server has been delayed as well. He states “After playing the build with our Elite Task Force it became clear that to have the PTS process be valuable for us in terms of feedback, we would need some more time to include key elements that are critical to the overall Update 1.4 experience.”

There has been no word on when the 1.4 update Special Report or when the Public Test Server will be rescheduled, but Bode promises that players will not be kept in the dark and will be updated as much as possible.

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