Dishonored 2 Has a Beautiful, Hand-Painted Xbox One Controller

I would sell my foot for this.

No matter if you use mouse and keyboard, Xbox or PlayStation controllers, you’ll have to agree that this custom Xbox One controller for Dishonored 2 is beautiful.

The custom controller is modeled after the scarf that Emily Kaldwin wears. Kaldwin will also be one of the main characters that players can pick from in the game (the other being her father, Corvo Attano). The picture comes from Harvey Smith, the co-creative director of Arkane Studios.

It is not known if this controller will be for sale or if it’s just a special gift for the studio.

While we might sit here and wonder if this beautiful piece of technology will ever see the light of day, it is good to keep in mind that Dishonored 2 comes out Nov. 11 for PC, Xbox One and PS4..


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