Destiny: Rise of Iron Will Have a Level Boost Item So You Can Jump Straight Into the Fray

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Experience the new stuff on day one.

Destiny’s upcoming fall expansion, Rise of Iron, will be dropping later this month, so some guardians might be fretting over how best to prepare for the new content. According to Bungie, players who might be severely underleveled won’t have to worry at all, as the expansion will come with a level boost item that lets you jump straight to the level required to experience the new missions and content.

Bungie did a similar practice with The Taken King when it was released last September, and allowed players to jump levels so that they could get started on the new content immediately. Aside from boosting your levels, returning guardians should also consider stocking up on Strange Coins, Legendary Marks, and Motes of Light for Rise of Iron. There will be lots of new exotic gear coming up in this expansion, and you’ll want to be well-equipped to infuse your new gear to make them even stronger.

Rise of Iron is set to be released for the PS4 and Xbox One on September 20.

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