Destiny Rise of Iron: What SIVA Offerings Are and How to Use Them

SIVA Offerings – Destiny: Rise of Iron

SIVA Offerings can be found all over the game world in Destiny: Rise of Iron, and you’ll want to hoard these because they give you access to the Archon Forge arena in the Plaguelands. First off, there are three types of SIVA Offerings, and they will provide players with three levels of difficulty in the Archon Forge. Think of the Forge as the new Court of Oryx challenge arena in Rise of Iron, and the Offerings are your Runes used to trigger the challenges.

Fused SIVA Offerings – These are the most common ones you’ll find, and will spawn enemies with levels that go up to 320 light.

Enhanced SIVA Offerings – These are a bit rarer, and will spawn enemies with levels that go up to 340 light.

Perfected SIVA Offerings – These are the rarest Offerings you’ll find in the game, and it’s recommended that you be close to 360 light before attempting these challenges.

To start a challenge, simply approach the Fallen terminal found next to the Archon Forge arena, and choose an Offering to kick things off.

Just like the Court of Oryx, the different tiers of challenges in the Archon Forge will net you lots of cool rewards like Legendary engrams. If you’re still in the 320 range, you’ll want to start off with Fused Offerings and work your way up from there. Do note that your Offerings will not stack in your inventory, and they will not be sent to the Postmaster if you happen to leave them untouched in the game world.

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