Destiny Rise of Iron: 5 Tips For Crucible Supremacy Mode

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Keep on Movin’


Keeping moving is a crucial element of any PVP mode on Destiny. A sitting duck is an easy target and in a fast-paced game mode like Supremacy where even after you’ve got a kill your job isn’t done, this couldn’t be truer.

When you’re running around the map or approaching a gunfight, make sure you’re making yourself as difficult as possible to hit with some strafing, jumping, and ducking. What’s more, when you’re sealing the deal and picking up a crest, think about the fastest possible way you can get to it, as well as the one that makes you as small as possible. Sliding your way on over is a quick and easy way to get in and out of the heat without making yourself a huge target. After all, that kill won’t mean much if you can’t seal the deal by making it to their Crest.

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