Crouchwalking into Destiny: Rise of Iron’s Archon’s Forge Will Help With Matchmaking

Never go in alone!

For the solo Destiny: Rise of Iron players out there, it might be proving a little difficult to get any action in Archon’s Forge – the brand new challenge arena of this latest expansion, not unlike The Taken King’s Court of Oryx. Going into the Forge will feel like a bit of a gamble, as you’ll never know if there’s anyone around to help you out, and you might be a little bit too underleveled to take on a challenge on your own.

However, there is a simple trick to help with the matchmaking process. By crouch-walking into the Forge from the tunnel that leads into the area, you will have a higher chance of being matchmade with other players. This is because the Archon’s Forge is its own instance, so if you take your time while walking in, the game will have a few more seconds to pair you up with other players already inside the Forge. On the flip side, if you rush in on your Sparrow or if you sprint into the area, you will always end up in the Forge alone.

So if you’re looking to join an Archon’s Forge lobby with players around to help you out, just crouch-walk into the area and you should be fine. To reload the instance, you can simply exit the Forge, kill a few enemies in Archon’s Keep, and then repeat the crouch-walking process to refresh the instance.

Rise of Iron is now available for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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