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Destiny Rise of Iron: Parts of a Whole Quest Walkthrough


Destiny Rise of Iron: Parts of a Whole Quest Walkthrough

Parts of a Whole – Destiny: Rise of Iron

Parts of a Whole is the third quest in the series that will net you the new Destiny: Rise of Iron raid exotic from Wrath of the Machine. Like the quest before it, you will be required to complete a few objectives, mostly in the Plaguelands.

Those three objectives are:

  • Actively explore the Plaugelands (complete Patrols and kill enemies)
  • Fight in the Archon’s Forge three times.
  • Complete the Sepiks Perfected Strike.

Just to be safe, make sure that you use the same team that you used for the Be the Battery component of the quest line. Afterwards, you will have to tune that SIVA engine you got from the chest after finding all of the monitors in Destiny: Rise of Iron’s raid. There are numbers that apply to each of the classes in your Fireteam that you will have to input:

  • Warlock – 31313
  • Hunter – 23223
  • Titan – 32323

After that you’re ready for the next step. Safe travels, Guardians.

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