Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Prepare For the Raid (Wrath of the Machine)

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Finish the Story Missions

destiny rise of iron fallen

Before you hastily jump into any of the endgame activities with your friends, make sure that you finish all of the story missions available in Destiny: Rise of Iron first. While you may not particularly care for the game’s story, each mission will give you some good 320 rewards, which serve as valuable gear items to give you a significant level boost, especially if you’re just starting out in the game or if you didn’t reach the level cap in The Taken King. Most of the engrams you receive will be Rare, but remember that you can also infuse your existing Legendaries with these blue engrams if you don’t want to use the new stuff.

Completing the story missions will also reward you with a cool looking 340 Exotic sword, which you definitely want to have. Not only that, beating the main missions will unlock a slew of smaller quests that will set you on the path to getting stronger Exotic weapons, and other high level items.

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