Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get the Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow

Iron Gjallarwing – Destiny: Rise of Iron

The Iron Gjallarwing is the new Destiny Sparrow that is designed to look like one of the most famous Exotic weapons in the universe: the Gjallarhorn. To obtain this sparrow you must have pre-ordered the Rise of Iron expansion or Destiny: The Collection. If you did, then you’ll be able to grab this sweet ride along with its horn.

To collect your prize, head over to the Tower or the Reef to check your mail. Here you will find the ride waiting for you. Collect it and you’re able to equip it right away. You’ll also find the mod to make your Gjallarhorn into the Iron Gjallarhorn, but you’ll need to collect the Year 3 version of the weapon first.

Have fun traveling in style.

Safe travels, Guardian.

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