Destiny Rise of Iron: Channeling the Corruption Quest Walkthrough

Channeling the Corruption – Destiny: Rise of Iron

Channeling the Corruption is actually the first part of the quest line that nets players the brand new Outbreak Prime exotic pulse rifle, which is the new Wrath of the Machine raid exotic in Destiny: Rise of Iron. To obtain this quest, you must find all of the monitors in the raid, then access the last chest located under the arena where you fight Aksis, the final boss.

When the chest is opened you will get the Channeling the Corruption quest as well as the SIVA engine which will provide puzzles as you progress through the quest line. Simply head on over to the Iron Temple and show it to Shiro-4 and you’ll be ready to begin the “Be the Battery” quest that will start your actual objectives.

Safe travel, Guardians.

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