Destiny Rise of Iron: All New Iron Banner Legendary Armor for Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks

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Titan Iron Banner Armor in Destiny: Rise of Iron

Titan Destiny

The Iron Banner set for Rise of Iron really embodies that medieval feeling that this game mode has always tried to capture. Looking at the Titan, you can see plenty of furs and leather work that really stands out from other Iron Banner gear. What’s especially noteworthy for this expansion is that it will feature more than one set for you to acquire, so make sure to keep an eye out for all of these set pieces.  We assume that the drop rate and light levels will update with Rise of Iron like they did for the last expansion. This makes this game mode especially important if you are looking to level up for the raid or to participate in Trials of Osiris.

Iron Saga Set:

  • Iron Saga Helm
  • Iron Sage Plate
  • Iron Saga Gauntlets
  • Iron Saga Greaves
  • Iron Saga Mark

Days of Iron Set:

  • Days of Iron Crown
  • Days of Iron Cuirass
  • Days of Iron Gauntlets
  • Days of Iron Greaves
  • Jolder’s Iron Sash
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