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Take a Closer Look at the PS4 Pro With These Pictures

PS4 Pro


Take a Closer Look at the PS4 Pro With These Pictures

What’s in the box? What’s in the box?!

Sony let loose a slew of new information about the previously kept under wraps PS4 Pro (which used to be known as the PS4 Neo) today at their PlayStation meeting. We found out the price, release date, and specs. Well, we also now know more of what it looks like. PlayStation can’t stop talking about this new console now. It’s like opening up Pandora’s box. The feelings and emotions can’t be stopped, they’ve been holding this in for too long. But here are three new shots, including the included wires, controller, and manual:

And here is an official video introducing the latest addition to the PlayStation family:

For more information on the PS4 Pro’s specs and announcements, read our coverage over here. And for more PlayStation meeting coverage in general…

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