The Bit.Trip Runner Series is Getting a Third Installment With Runner3

Oh how we missed Commander Video.

Fans of the Bit.Trip Runner series rejoice, as Runner3 has just been announced. Choice Provisions has announced the sequel through a vague teaser trailer and an update on their site that ensures that the development team will be very transparent when it comes to the creation of the game. There is a devlog on the official website where there will be weekly updates for fans to read and stay in the loop on the progress of Runner3 and will continue to be updated even after the release.

They are also encouraging players to be vocal during the development process and even stated that they may occasionally ask for feedback and opinions through methods such as polls. They are very interested in hearing ideas from fans on possible names of levels, costumes, and more. There are options to comment on  each entry of the devlog to make it easy to communicate with the fans.

There is no official release date for Runner3, but it is slated to come out sometime in 2017.

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