Biohazard Celebrates its 20th Anniversary With a L’arc-En-Ciel PSVR Music Video Collab?

Looks Spooky!

Announced at the Playstation Press Conference in Japan today, Sony have decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Biohazard/Resident Evil with a collaborative PSVR experience.

After showcasing a reel of gameplay from the upcoming Resident Evil 7, we were shown the members of Japanese rock band L’arc En Ciel being rendered in game. Their latest hit “Don’t Be Afraid” will be transformed into an immersive 360 VR music video.

l'arc en ciel

As well as taking place at a concert, there was also a hint that the VR experience would take the band members to L’arc-coon city, a play on Raccoon City, the famous town from the Resident Evil series. It looks like the band will be fighting zombies in the music video whilst performing.

The experience will be coming out on October 13, just in time for Halloween.

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