Bethesda Will Most Likely Have a Showcase at E3 Next Year, Says Pete Hines


“Knowing what I know, I think we would probably do another one next year.”

Bethesda was arguably the cherry on top of 2015’s awesome line up of E3 press conferences.  The company then held another conference at this year’s E3 and showed off the likes of Dishonored 2 and Prey.

It mat be a bit early to start speculating what games we might see at next year’s E3, but it seems likely that we should expect Bethesda to have some games to show off.

Whilst speaking with Metro Game Central, Vice President of PR and Marketing Pete Hines stated that he think it’s pretty likely Bethesda will have a presence at E3 2017.

“Probably, given what I know about what we’re gonna have going on next year, and what we’re gonna have to talk about, I would say that we’d probably have enough stuff to fill the time. And again, mostly because I really continue to like the idea of being able to talk to everybody about what we’re doing at the same time. So yeah, knowing what I know, I think we would probably do another one next year.”

No doubt many gamers will; be hoping that The Elder Scrolls VI will be announced either by next year’s E3 or at it. Perhaps we might get an announcement along with some gameplay footage and a release date, similar to how the company announced Fallout 4?

Either way, Bethesda is one of the top gaming companies in the business and we look forward to seeing its future games.


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