Bethesda Pay Tribute to Late Brother of Fallout 4 Fan With Touching NPC

Nuka-World released just a few days ago and just like every piece of Fallout content, it contains a lot of references and Easter Eggs. From Han Solo to Khal Drogo, it makes the most of its intriguing world to make jokes about the current state of pop culture.

However, in a more sentimental touching manner, Bethesda have went out of their way to memorialize the brother of a Fallout 4 fan who sadly passed away this summer.

Two months ago Redditor NoohjXLVII posted on the Fallout subreddit to thank the developers for helping him through the tragic loss of his father. When Automatron released, he created a sentry bot GR-36 (Greg) in his memory, and this allowed him to bond with his late father.


Unfortunately, shortly after the loss of his dad his younger brother, Evan, ended up in the hospital and also passed. This time Bethesda reached out with a care package and decided to add Evan to the game in Nuka-World as an NPC. He can be found at Evan’s Home and will talk and trade with the player south of the entrance to Nuka-World. He’s sitting on top of his trailer just soaking in the environment.



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