Battlefield 1’s Single Player Trailer Looks Like Gaming’s Oscar Bait

Battlefield 1

We are those people.

After an announcement yesterday, the trailer for Battlefield 1’s single player campaign is here, it’s a lot of things. It’s gorgeous (all of it is done with in-game footage), it’s full of action and war, and it also looks like it would be the perfect kind of Oscar bait if it were a movie, from the voice over narration and flowery dialogue, right down to the song “Suns and Stars,” done by Really Slow Motion . All it’s missing is the cast listing.

Set during World War I in 1918, players will play through the perspectives of four different people, each seen in the trailer–a fighter pilot, an armor crewman, a rebel, and a “message runner”. (None of the characters are named in the trailer.) Odds are that their paths will likely cross during the campaign, among all the running, gunning, and explosions. Oh, and horses.

Battlefield 1 comes to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Oct. 21.

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