Battlefield 1 Beta to End This Thursday, Try It out While You Still Can

battlefield 1

The war will end soon.

Battlefield 1’s open beta will cease fire on Thursday, September 8, according to a new Tweet from the game’s official Twitter account. If you’ve yet to try it out, or are really having a blast (no pun intended) then be sure to play it as much as you can between now and Thursday.

You can download the open beta from either the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, or EA’s Origin. The beta features two game modes, one map, and several classes to choose from. There are even a few weapons to be unlocked as you play.

Battlefield 1 is the first mainstream first-person shooter to feature a World War One setting in some time. Many players have expressed excitement at revisiting such a time frame and the beta has received a good response from players. Here’s hoping the final game is as good.

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