Add Fus Ro Dah to Your Life With Skyrim Remastered’s Dovahkiin Mask


We’re exactly a month away from the release of Skyrim Remastered, which will come with updated graphics, all the DLC, and mods (well, unless you’re playing on PS4). It’s a good package for $60 on consoles (PC players get a free upgrade), but if you wanna fork over $75, you can get the “Dragonborn” Bundle. The bundle will come in a steelbook physical case and a Dovakhiin mask that you can wear while you’re traveling the lands and performing dragon shouts. Or for just to wear while sitting in your room and listening to the main theme over and over again. Either/or, really.

The only way that you’ll be able to get it will be at Best Buy, so if you want to go ahead and pre-order it, best to do it now. It’s likely going to be a hot commodity.

Skyrim Remastered releases for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One on Oct. 28.

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