5 Things You Should Know About Yo-Kai Watch 2 Before It Releases

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You Don’t Need to Have Played the First One

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The first Yo-Kai Watch has been out about a year at this point along with its anime, but if you’re wanting to jump right into Yo-Kai Watch 2, you can do just that. In fact, the new game actually spends quite a bit of time near the beginning recapping events from the first Yo-Kai Watch.

From the get go you’ll choose between either a male or a female protagonist, who’s suffering from a bit of amnesia. This is how the game catches you up on the concept of Yo-Kai and what happened in the first game, so it’s going to retread a bit of ground for anyone that did play it. From there however, Yo-Kai Watch 2 delves into a wacky story involving time travel and the main characters’ ancestors. 

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