Battlefield 1’s Multiplayer Still Needs These 5 Changes Before Release

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With thousands playing the Battlefield 1 multiplayer beta and partaking in all out warfare, it’s clear there are some adjustments that Battlefield 1 desperately needs. Now it’s important to note that we aren’t going to ask for any massive changes to the actual gameplay itself since the title is set to release in a few months. Realistically, developer DICE will only have time to make moderate adjustments to the weapons, vehicles, maps, and other minor features.

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These suggested changes will take into account different players’ playstyles since we cannot just factor in our own experiences and preferences. Battlefield 1 is a game that allows players a wide variety of approach options, so we want to make sure one of those isn’t compromised with a change. However, we also want to keep the heart of Battlefield 1, which includes massive battles, tactical gameplay, vehicles, and cinematic experiences. Even though the game is just a few months away, here are 5 changes we’d love to see.

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