Xbox Exclusive JRPG Blue Dragon is Coming to Xbox One Via Backwards Compatibility

Happy day for JRPG fans.

Blue Dragon was a JRPG that got originally released for the Xbox 360 back in 2007. Developed by Mistwalker and written by Hironobu Sakaguchi – some of you may know him as the father of the Final Fantasy series – the game wasn’t all that popular, but quickly gained a cult following among fans.

Just this past weekend, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer confirmed on Twitter that the JRPG would be coming to the Xbox One through the console’s backwards compatibility program. After being asked by a fan if there were any plans to bring Blue Dragon over, Spencer replied with a pretty definitive ‘yes.’

So there you go. That’s pretty great news for JRPG fans who own an Xbox One. And if you happened to miss out on this gem during its original Xbox 360 release, now’s your chance to give it a whirl.

Given that Blue Dragon could be considered a pretty obscure title, perhaps other lesser known games and RPGs will soon get added to the backwards compatibility roster as well. Fingers crossed!

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