World of Warcraft Legion Player Rockets to New Level Cap In Under 6 Hours

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The swiftest of dings.

World of Warcraft’s latest Legion expansion went live this morning at 12am PT. A short 5 hours and 28 minutes later, someone power leveled from level 100 to the new level 110 cap.

Twitch streamer Fragnance broadcasted the entirety of his epic grind, him and his duo Gingi running through an experience route they planned out back in the beta. Speeding through ten pre-cap levels is no small feat, typically taking the most dedicated players at least a few days.

Fragnance hit that sweet, final ding on his new Demon Hunter, a class that opened up roughly a week before Legion’s launch. Demon Hunters start off at level 98, and could reach 100 before the expansion hit.

For most people, level cap will mean hitting up Legion’s new dungeons and raids. Mythic difficulties and The Emerald Nightmare will be opening up over the next two months. You can check out all the relevant release dates here.

Thanks, Eurogamer

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