World of Final Fantasy Getting Two Beautifully Themed PS Vitas, But Only in Japan

World of Final Fantasy isn’t too far off from its official launch on the PS4 and PS Vita, and it looks like Vita fans will be getting a special treat too. Sony Japan has just announced that the game will be getting two themed PS Vita systems – the white Primero edition, and the black Oobito edition. You can check out both PS Vita models down below.

world of ff black vita world of final fantasy white vita

If you choose to pick up these PS Vita systems, they’ll also come packed with a special World of Final Fantasy vita theme, which you can see below.

world of ff vita theme

There’s just one catch. These Vitas will be exclusive to Japan, and are priced at 20,980yen, or approximately $207 USD. They’ll be launched in Japan alongside the game in October 27. It’s worth noting that the PS Vita itself isn’t region-locked, so you could still import a system if you’re living in North America or Europe, though it’ll probably end up costing you a bit more.

The two collaborative models are now available for preorder over at Sony’s store.

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