Unlock Okami, Toon Link, and More with August’s Monster Hunter Generations DLC

Monster Hunter Generations

Want some free content?

Next time you play Monster Hunter Generations, you’ll be able to download this month’s batch of free DLC, which includes a ton of new costumes, quests, items, and more.

Starting with the costumes, hunters will be able to unlock the Okami costume for their Palico by completing the High Rank quest “Okami: Most Wanted”, which will see them hunting a Hyper Malfestio. Metroid fans will also be able to unlock the Metroid gear that was previously released Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC by hunting a Hyper Yian Garuga in the quest “Metroid: Special Mission.”

The new gear doesn’t stop there either, as hunters will be able to get a variety of fan club gear by hunting an Iodrome, a Velocidrome, a Gendrome and a Great Maccao. By completing the quest “A Hero’s Return”, Prowlers will be able to dress up as Toon Link.

Alongside all the new gear, August’s Monster Hunter Generations DLC also includes new arena challenges, new Palico and tons of free items in the support pack. These items include 30 lifepowder’s, 99 honey’s, and 20 Barrel Bombs L +.

This is just some of what’s in this months batch of free DLC and you can check out the full list on Capcom Unity here.

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