Ubisoft Delays The Division’s Upcoming Expansions to Focus on Improving the Base Game


We need more time!

The Division has two upcoming expansions, Survival and Last Stand, both of which were supposed to be released this year. However, Ubisoft has announced via their Twitch channel for the game that these expansions will be delayed so that Massive can focus on fixing current issues in the game, and make other improvements.

Survival was originally slated for a summer release, but it’s been pushed back to October instead. On the other hand, Last Stand, which was set for a winter release this year, will now be coming in early 2017. By pushing back the release dates for these expansions, Massive now has more time to focus on a patch that they’re working on for players. Along with fixes for any existing bugs and glitches in the game right now, the patch will also come with upgrades and improvements to the game’s mechanics. Ubisoft also mentioned that the devs will be looking to the community for feedback with regards to the fixes and improvements they intend on implementing.

The Division is now available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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