These Overwatch Cosplayers Made Some Impressive Real-Life Plays of the Game

The Play of the Game is the best part of Overwatch. If you’re the one who gets the prestigious title, it’s a highlight reel of your best and most awesome move. If you aren’t, you either get to learn a new tactic or laugh at an unfortunate soul. It’s a win-win either way, and now a group of fans in Korea have done the next logical step: making them in real life.

Directed by Director_Woo, the cosplayers successfully get everything right about the Blizzard characters from the famous poses down to the way that they walk and stand. It’s pretty awesome, and here’s hoping that other Overwatch characters are getting their Play of the Game videos down the line. They’ve been quite popular since the game’s release earlier this year, as various fans took to splicing them with HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones a few months back.

[Hanzo is played by Sunba, McCree by Stophwan, Lucio by Goteng, Soldier: 76 by BADNEWS, and Mercy by Gi_eeeun]

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