The Assassin’s Creed Film Will Have “Very Famous Characters” From the Games

Assassin's Creed Movie

I know that face.

The Assassin’s Creed series has a lot of characters, and when the film was announced, many people were thinking it would adapt one of the games. That’s clearly not the case, but some of them will be showing up in the film, just not in a lead role like many fans were hoping for.

Weapon designer Tim Wildgoose said that in addition to armaments that were used by characters in the games, you can expect some characters to show up as well. “We could directly copy the Ubisoft weapons onto their characters. There’s basically a few Assassins taken straight from the games, who we get to see in the films.” Wildgoose doesn’t say who specifically, but he did confirm that neither Ezio or Altair would be the ones on screen. “They’re very famous characters that the fans will probably enjoy.” With that in mind, maybe it’ll be characters from the present day, such as Shaun or Rebecca? They’re still kicking around.

Assassin’s Creed eagle jumps into theaters Dec. 21.

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