Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and More Unite for Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers

It’s battle time.

Cartoon Network’s various original series have united in video games before, like the MMO FusionFall, but they’ll be coming together for a new game this year called Battle Crashers. Unlike other games, which were riffs on Super Smash Bros or racing games, this will be a 2D sidescroller that allows up to four local players to fight together locally. As far as the cast goes, you can expect Steven Universe, Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show, Gumball, Clarence, and Uncle Grandpa.

Finn and Jake, along with Mordecai and Rigby, are paired together as one unit for game purposes, which makes sense. Each character has weapons that fit their personality and are from their shows–Steven has his shield and Laser Light Cannons, for example.

The game is sure to take players through famous locations from each show, along with characters from their respective shows. It’s unclear if future characters will join via DLC, but here’s hoping they do. This game deserves Ice Bear. And Garnet. And Ice King. Really, any additional character from Steven Universe or Adventure Time would be great for this.

Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers comes to the PS4 on November 8.

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