Sony Won’t Allow Ark: Survival Evolved to Release on PS4 Until It’s Finished

Ark: Survival Evolved, Twitch

PS4 players won’t be riding dinosaurs anytime soon.

Ark: Survival Evolved won’t be headed to PlayStation 4 until the game is complete for an official release, according to Studio Wildcard, the team behind the action-adventure survival title.

In a statement on the Ark: Survival Evolved forums, Wildcard Jat – a Studio Wildcard representative – revealed that the PS4 launch “is currently up to Sony,” explaining that the team have “been informed that we can’t release the game on this platform until it has been finished.”

Wildcard Jat also admitted that they “already have an awesome PS4 version of the game running internally” and suggested fans should reach out to Sony to let them know of the support for an early build of the game.

Ark: Survival Evolved is available on the PC and Xbox One, via Steam Early Access and Game Preview respectively.

Sony has yet to offer such a program, which lets players try out a game before they are officially complete, which perhaps explains why they’re hesitant to allow Ark: Survival Evolved to release in the state that it is in.

The company have yet to offer an official comment on the situation.

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