3 Reasons Why Lucioball Should Be a Permanent Overwatch Game Mode

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More Variety in Maps and Modes


Overwatch is a ton of fun right now, but it can get pretty tiring to play the same modes and maps over and over again. Yes, pushing the payload is fun, but there are only so many times a person can get microwaved by Symmetra’s turrets on the Hanamura map before finally deciding to move on to something else. Right now, Overwatch’s game modes include Escort, Assault/Defense, and Hybrid. Considering that Hybrid is really just a mashup of the other two modes, Overwatch only has two proper game modes to keep people occupied.

Lucioball is a serious departure from the existing game modes, and it takes place on an entirely new map. Instead of shooting down your opponents and working together to capture a point, Lucioball tasks you with nudging an oversized soccer ball into a net in teams of three. It’s a lot different from the other versus modes available in Overwatch right now, and the game might just need that kind of diversity to keep people playing in the long run.

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