PoodleCorp Claims Responsiblity for Recent PSN and GTA Online DDoS Attacks


Annoying times ahead for PSN users.

After recently hacking both Blizzard’s servers and League of Legends servers earlier this week, the hacking group known as PoodleCorp have now claimed responsibility for the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that had hit PSN and GTA Online yesterday.

The group admitted to both DDoS attacks on Twitter, and they’ve also claimed that those PSN attacks were a “small test” for a much larger attack they’re cooking up. A member of called Gh0st hinted to the upcoming attack yesterday when he tweeted “PSN is Looking Toasty”.

PoodleCorp also has claimed responsibility for the DDoS attack that had hit GTA Online earlier today, although the Rockstar Support Twitter account didn’t even say that a DDoS attack was taking place. Instead, they noted that there was an issue and that they were currently looking to resolve it.

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