New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals Z-Moves, Pokemon Riding, and Possibly a New Gym System

pokemon sun and moon

New gym system?

Pokemon Sun and Moon may feature a new gym system, with players having to complete trials on each island, rather than having to defeat traditional ‘gym leaders’.

Revealed in a new trailer, The Island Challenge is the players “Rite of Passage” that will see players complete challenges set by each area’s Trial Captain. The four Captains are: Mallow (Grass Type), Lana (Water Type), Sophocles (Electric Type), and Kiawe (Fire Type). At the end of each trial you will have to defeat Totem Pokemon that are more powerful and can call for help from other Pokemon.

To clear each island you must complete the trial and battle the Kahuna of each island. The Kahunas for all four island as introduced in the trailer.

Another new feature in Pokemon Sun and Moon is Z-Moves which are more powerful, type specific moves that can be used once per battle. The trailer shows Pikachu using Gigavolt Havoc and shows the Z-Move of each starter. It can only be used once is each battle so it will add an extra tactical element to the battles in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Finally, Ride Pokemon that make traversing Pokemon Sun and Moon’s world easier, were introduced. They can be used in the air or on the ground to get around faster.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will release for 3DS on November 18, 2016.

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