You’re Not Hallucinating, That’s Actually Pokemon Sun and Moon’s New Exeggutor

Pokemon Sun and Moon are changing up original Pokemon pretty drastically. The microclimates of the Alola region’s islands have morphed our old favorites into new forms. Sandshrew can be an ice ball, Ninetales can be a snow fairy, and Exeggutor is now a Grass/Dragon type – and also the everlasting harbinger of doom.

Step one: imagine the face of doom.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Exeggutor Alola Form


Good. Now imagine the face of doom hovering 30 feet over your head, comforting you, much like a deranged giraffe would.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Exeggutor Alola Form










Step 3: Picture this three-faced god, fearsome and benevolent, smashing its face into yours at terminal velocity.

And that’s the new Exeggutor.

The new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer released today revealed more than new Pokemon versions. It introduced us to the game’s gym-like Island Challenge system, Pokemon riding, special Z-moves, and six new Pokemon. One of them is a praying mantis in a pants suit.

And to wrap, the internet weighs in on our new egg overlord:


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