Pokemon GO Players Discover Yet Another Dead Body, Making this the Fourth Since Launch

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It would seem that Pokemon GO players just can’t stop getting into unfortunate incidents. Just yesterday, it was reported that a Pokemon GO player in Singapore had stumbled upon a dead body while catching wild critters on the app. The app was finally released to 15 more countries in Asia over the weekend, and so the player base in that region has grown rather rapidly.

‘While out hunting Pokemon at Woodlands Waterfront Park on Sunday (Aug 7) morning, website administrator Noor Azmi got more than he bargained for when he came across the body of a woman.

The 29-year-old posted photos of his grisly find near the park’s jetty on Facebook, which showed the body floating face-down in the water.’

The authorities were contacted, and the woman that was found had been pronounced dead by those on the scene. The police are now investigating the unnatural death.

Since the launch of Pokemon GO, corpses have been discovered at Wyoming, New Hampshire, and in Denmark as well. This incident marks the fourth dead body discovered by app users.

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