Pokemon GO Comes to the Dreamcast VMU Next Year Thanks to a Homebrew Wizard

Not all heroes wear capes.

Passionate fans around the world have come up with some pretty incredible homages over the years, such as the recent Metroid 2 remake AM2R, or the amazingly detailed Pokemon Uranium. There was even a proper, full game released to the SEGA Dreamcast in 2014, a console that had at the time been dead for over a decade. Now one such fan has taken it upon himself to port the latest mobile phenomenon, Pokemon GO, to none other than the Dreamcast VMU.

Instagram user guacasaurus_mex has previously programmed and released downloadable versions of Street Race and Flappy Bird for the VMU, but Pokemon GO will be an entirely different beast.

He isn’t planning to release the game for download until 2017 because of the time it will take to draw up the sprites for all 151 Gen 1 Pokemon. Of course since the VMU doesn’t have GPS or augmented reality functionality, he’s working around that by instead using a randomly generated map grid instead. In place of throwing Poké Balls there will be a timing-based mini-game you must win to catch the monsters.

If you’ve still got a Dreamcast laying around with a long-neglected VMU in tow, now might be the perfect time to dust it off.

Thanks, SEGA Nerds.

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