PlayStation Original’s First Show, Powers, Has Been Canceled After 2 Seasons

Powers PlayStation

The show doesn’t go on.

Sony’s first foray into the world of television programming looks like it’s coming to an end, as their PlayStation Originals series, Powers, has officially been canceled after two seasons. The show has been the first and only series created in PlayStation’s brand of original programming. Brian Michael Bendis, the show’s co-creator and author of the comics, announced the cancelation over Twitter today.


Powers starred Shartlo Coplay as Christian Walker, a detective put on the case for crimes involving people with superhuman abilities known as “powers.” The two seasons created of the show span 20 episodes. Both seasons are currently available via the PlayStation Network and YouTube. Bendis did note that he’s hopeful for the show returning someday however stating, “A powers episode generated 4.5 million hits on youtube alone & people BTS who believe in us. we’ll see…”

Fans of the Powers comic series are still in luck, as the comic will be continuing at Marvel with a new storyline titled “Diamond Days,” already having two issues in the can.

Did you watch both seasons of Powers? What did you think of the show, and are you sad to see it get canceled? Leave a comment and let us know.


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