Overwatch’s New Eichenwald Map Has a Dark Souls Easter Egg

Die, die, die!…and respawn.

If you’re one of the folks who has Overwatch’s new Eichenwald map (if you’re on PC, console owners will have to wait for the next update to get in on it), you can find a cute little reference to FromSoftware’s hit action-RPG series, Dark Souls. The Easter egg is in the castle, and if you look around the sides, you’ll eventually find a room. In that room is a health pack, along with a bonfire with a sword placed right next to it.

For non-Dark Souls players, the bonfires essentially serve as save points for players as they travel through the slowly dying worlds of each game, and when you die, that’s where you respawn. Check it out below.

dark souls

Dying in Overwatch doesn’t mean that you’ll respawn at the bonfire upon death, but still, it’s a pretty cool reference. Why, it’s so cool, that it almost makes one want to praise the sun….before getting back ON THE PAYLOAD.

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