Official Mass Effect N7 Swimsuits Are the Only Way to Tell the Beach You Saved the Galaxy

Heading to the beach this Summer but not sure how to let everyone there know you are mankind’s savior? If you don’t already have an N7 tattoo, these new official Mass Effect swimsuits might do the trick.

Available through Musterbrand, the N7 bikini or N7 boardshorts cost $49 and will definitely alert your swimming peers to your galactic superiority. You can check them out below.

Mass Effect N7 Bikini

Mass Effect N7 Swim Shorts

These swimsuits are also a great way to fill the Mass Effect void in your life until Andromeda finally releases. Though we know precious little about BioWare’s next entry in the acclaimed series, we have heard the game’s Frostbite engine is “pushing the boundaries” of the franchise, and that the team takes much of its inspiration from normal sights found here on Earth.

Andromeda will feature some familiar species, but will be based in a new region of space and introduce a “new and deadly enemy.” Four Mass Effect books published by Titan Books will bridge Andromeda with the original trilogy, and hope to answer many of the questions fans have been asking.

Mass Effect Andromeda is set to release March 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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