No Man’s Sky Players Have Already Discovered More than 10 Million Species

no man's sky

Some of these I wish didn’t exist.

No Man’s Sky has only been released on the PS4 for a little over 24 hours, but it looks like players are already making an insane number of discoveries. Hello Games’ Sean Murray tweeted that the number of players checking out the game is a lot more than what the team had expected, and it was pretty much amazing that the servers hadn’t collapsed from overload. Murray also mentioned that over 10 million species had already been discovered in the game.

Personally, I haven’t encountered a lot of wildlife at all. Most of the planets I’ve been visiting are devoid of wildlife, and are home only to certain plants and the creepy Sentinels. It’s cool to see that players can have such vastly different experiences, with some people encountering tons of paradise islands, while others (like me) have been jumping from toxic wastelands to irradiated swamps.

Still, the thrill of discovery is indescribable. No Man’s Sky is available now on PS4, and will becoming to PC on August 12. We’ll have a review for the game up as soon as we’re ready.

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