No Man’s Sky Player Gets Stranded After His Ship Leaves Without Him

Come back!

No Man’s Sky is finally out in the wild, but the game seems to be riddled with quite a few bugs and glitches. Right now, the biggest one is the glitch with the preorder ship, where players can’t build a hyperdrive on their own if they claim it too early. However, that’s not the only problem players are facing.

Over at reddit, a fan has reported that his starship actually took off without him, leaving him stranded on the planet as a result. You can see the starship flying off in the screenshot below.

ship takeoff

Of course, there are ways to get around this problem. You could always hope to find a trading post and call your ship back, or look for another trader and buy their ship instead. Both of these methods do require quite a bit of searching and money though, so making backups of save file is highly advised.

No Man’s Sky will be coming to PC on August 12.

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