No Man’s Sky: How to Get More Inventory Slots for Your Exosuit, Starship, and Multi-tool

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Inventory Slots – No Man’s Sky

Inventory Slots are a valuable commodity in No Man’s Sky. The more that a player has, the more upgrades and cargo they can carry on each of their three pieces of gear. You may think you have enough room for what you need when you start, but soon you’ll realize that you will definitely need more. Here’s how to get them.


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You’re Multi-tool is your everything. Without it you can’t mine for resources, fight off sentinels, or scan your environment, so you want it to be at its very best. While the Multi-tool can’t carry anything cargo wise, it can have more inventory slots to place more upgrades. These upgrades can range from better energy management to high-powered beams that can even take down Sentinels.

The only way to get extra slots on your Multi-tool, though, is to exchange it for a new one. As you explore inside areas of No Man’s Sky, you’ll come across these containers that are usually found in bases. When approached, they reveal a Multi-tool inside that you have the option to purchase. These come with some pre-installed upgrades and some much-needed Inventory space. Just take a look at it, see if you can afford it, and purchase if you need it. 

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