Check out the Gamescom Trailer for Dragon Ball-Inspired RPG, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

Another RPG is on the way!

A new trailer has been released for the action RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom at Gamescom.

Developed by French studio Enigami, this game tells the story of a Waki called Chado, who runs away from home to look for the “Land of Life.” However, not everything is all fun and games as there is a war between two kingdoms, Adorya and Adorn that is causing disarray within the world of Mahera. According to the video description of the trailer, “your decisions will determine the destiny of the planet and the outcome of the war.”

The game’s battle system is in a 1v1 action RPG format, in which you can use 5 different characters who have boons, curses, various elements of magic, hyper moves, and regular attacks to use against enemies. It’s set up like an arena fighter as it has blocks, parries, and combos that each player can utilize.

On the game’s initial KickStarter project page, Enigami says that the game is inspired by manga books, such as Dragon Ball and Naruto, for the title, “so it made sense for [them] to make [Shiness’] battle system a fighting game.” Shiness was crowdfunded for $139,865 with 3028 people backing it.

If you like the look of Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, you won’t have long to wait as it is scheduled to release later this year for PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.


This post was originally written by Chris Penwell.

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