New ‘Spotify Gaming’ Playlists Let Gamers Enjoy All Types of Power Music While Playing

Hip hop… gaming?

Introducing Spotify Gaming, the one category that I’ve been waiting for Spotify to launch for years now. This new category includes curated playlists by what I assumed to be gaming experts who work at Spotify, actual game soundtracks, and community playlists for your hardcore gaming sessions.

I’ve been browsing through the music selection for the past 10 minutes or so, and couldn’t help but cringe at playlist titles like “Power Gaming” and “Hip Hop Gaming.” The latter is mostly filled with tracks like Norf Norf and No Role Modelz. I have no idea what any of these songs are, but I guess they’d be perfect for the hip hop gamer who loves hip hop while playing their games.

Thankfully, though, Spotify Gaming also features actual game soundtracks, so if you’re ever hurting for good video game music, it looks like Spotify has you covered for the most part. The No Man’s Sky soundtrack by 65daysofstatic is now on there, and I highly recommend giving that one a listen. You can check out the various music selections here.

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