New Pokemon GO Bug Affects Throw Accuracy and Odds of Pokemon Escape

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Another one.

It looks like Niantic’s really starting to open up to players about their work and progress on Pokemon GO, which is a good sign. Unfortunately, their latest tweet brings about some more bad news about the game. Apparently, the game has been plagued with yet another bug. This time, the bug affects the Poke Ball throw accuracy, as well as the odds of escape for the Pokemon you’re trying to catch.

If you’re not careful, you could run out of Poke Balls pretty easily in Pokemon GO, so this could be a serious issue for players who find themselves running low on supplies. Niantic also mentions in their tweet that they are currently working on fixing this issue, and just a few days ago, they also announced that they were working hard to make the game stable for everyone. We’ll keep you updated as more news about this issues comes our way.

Pokemon GO is now available in a lot of major territories, though Southeast Asia remains woefully ignored.

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