Mass Effect Remasters Aren’t Happening Because EA is Focused on Andromeda


Of all the different remasters that have happened over the last two or three years, Bioware’s Mass Effect franchise seems like the no-brainer. While plenty of people want it, it’s just not something EA sees as worth doing, because they’re focused on moving forward. In an interview with IGN, executive Peter Moore said that not only did the “no remaster” rule apply to the sci-fi series, it actually extends to all the EA properties.

“I was asked a question once [about remasters and I said] it’s just not what we do,” Moore said. “We’ve got incredibly talented dev studios around the world who are focused on delivering new IP, new experiences, [and] more and more live services…We just feel like we want to go forward.”

Moore said that only are they wholly focused on Mass Effect: Andromeda, due out next year, but they don’t have teams “that are lying around doing nothing right now that can go and make remasters.” But as far as he’s concerned, their “blinders are on and we are looking toward the future.” So much for those remaster hopes.

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