Riot Teases the League of Legends Yorick Rework We’ve Waited for Since the Dawn of Time

Riot is finally ready to bless League of Legends with a Yorick rework. No, really. It’s actually happening.

Poor Yorick and his shovel have suffered for years. The champion’s struggling kit has lagged behind his more modern top lane counterparts, despite the occasional viral revival. He’s received adjustments now and then, but Riot has long acknowledged the need for a total overhaul. The fans agree. And though we’re all in mutual agreement that Yorick needs new life, there’s been no solid sign of a rework in sight. Until this image:

You will not forget. #leagueoflegends #leaks #abouttime #whodat

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Just a dramatic picture of a shovel, but it’s one more dramatic shovel than we had yesterday. It looks like Riot is set to unveil the new Yorick soon. We’ll keep you up to date when they do.

In other news, League of Legends has a new champion on the Rift. Kled the Cantankerous Cavalier is plenty of lizard-riding fun, but after listening to two hours of his VO lines, it turns out he’s kind of a psychopath.

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