IO Interactive Teases HItman’s Thailand Episode Using a Fake Band and Music Video

It’s actually a pretty good song!

The latest Hitman episode has been showcased by IO interactive in a very peculiar way. No stranger to unique, engaging marketing (remember that one time they made us kill Gary Busey?) the developers have created a music video for a fake band called The Class, accompanied by a remarkably catchy song. It’s all a bit avant-garde, with the  new location being revealed in kaleidoscopic landscape shots inter spliced with the band performing the song.

To accompany this cheeky bit of marketing, Vinyl singles of the song were also sent out to journalists to promote it’s release.

Even more interesting is the fact that the lead singer of the band is named as Jordan Cross. This guy has been mentioned via ambient dialogue in every episode so far. Perhaps he’ll play a larger part in this episode, and become one of the target’s we’re going to have to find inventive ways of assassinating. Sign me up!

Hitman’s version of Thailand looks absolutely spectacular, showcasing lush vistas and landmarks that I’m sure will make for an engaging episode when it appears later this year.

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