Hitman Has Two New Elusive Targets, But You Don’t Know What They Look Like

Two new elusive targets have been released for Hitman today: a hacker partnership comprised of Owen “The Protagonist” Wagner and White Cap. The duo has been hired by Episode 1 target Dalia Margolis to carry out an important hack, and as such the mission will take place in the Paris level. You have to stop them. The forty-eight hour countdown starts in this very briefing.

The latest challenge is an interesting one. You will not have any picture details of your target; instead, a series of clues will lead you to your mark. Using very limited intelligence, the new mission will require some leg-work – you are aware of the target’s penchant for a particular brand of jam, and as such will have to remain eagle-eyed for your chance to strike.

This is the ninth elusive-target mission that has been introduced in to the new Hitman, following the hilarious Gary Busey target that was introduced by way of fan vote back in July this year.

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