Did You Find Headlander’s Rocket League and Psychonauts Easter Eggs?

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Rocket League


Headlander is Double Fine’s latest, and it’s a pastiche of 80’s Sci-fi. Expect dorky jokes, inspired visuals, and fun, puzzling gameplay. As well as being a lot of fun, you can imagine that the game is loaded with references to 80’s movies and the literary pillars of Sci-Fi. Even better, it contains a whole host of cute Easter Eggs to other games.

The first one we’re going to touch on is Rocket League. Due to an established partnership (Headlander/Day Of The Tentacle masts are coming to Rocket League Cars later this year) the game contains a few cool references to everyone’s favorite, high-octane, car-battling soccer game. The first is found when you’re talking to the daughters of Lucia-13.

Further, there’s another cool shout out in the Killer Queen portion of the game. A basketball hoop lifted from Rocket League’s latest game mode also features, as well as the games famous ball. You can headland it and shoot hoops for a fun break from the fringe rebellion.

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